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   Our camps are in immediate proximity to the sea and some of the most beautiful and clean beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This is a great opportunity for our little friends who visit us to practice water sports in the natural environment, to draw on the healing power of the sun and sea water, and to experience the magic of summer in a unique way.


   The camps feature a rich sports base including soccer fields, basketball fields, volleyball fields, tennis courts, sports halls and playgrounds, fitness, indoor and outdoor pools. We organize competitions, festivals and other events that allow for expression, development of love for sport and strengthening of the children’s sports spirit.


   We work with professional animation teams, who take care of smiles to shine to children’s faces every day. Having the necessary costumes and equipment, with the participation of children, they create unique entertainment and educational, musical and other programs and competitions. By working in a team, children make friends, and besides entertainment, they also have the opportunity to learn many new interesting things from their animators.


   Professional care for the health, safety, peace and comfort of our guests is a top priority.

   With us work doctors – pediatricians who are ready to react in any emergency, at any time of the day. In well-equipped cabinets on the premises of the complexes, they perform medical examinations of all guests who need it.

   24-hour security is entrusted to a specialized company with many years of experience in the industry. Multiple security cameras have been installed, and entry and exit of the complex takes place only through the separate points, in a special pass-through mode.

   As we understand the importance of nutrition in adolescents, we pay close attention to this point. We have a four-course feeding – breakfast lunch, afternoon snack, dinner. We offer a varied menu with dishes from Bulgarian, Russian and other specialties. Quality is specifically checked and guaranteed by specialists, and abundance is a must.